Interior design.

The wheelhouse is fitted with large windows so there need to be a interior including furniture. There will be a table, some chairs, a couch etc.

My own chair in the shop would be the original from which I created the models, one with footrest and adjustable in height.


The first thing to do was making a mould on a piece of wood for the feet and the verticale tube.


The tube an the feet on there place on the mould.


The base is soldered.


The seat and the back are made out of 0.4 mm circuitboard material, the footrest is also soldered to the base.


drilling a 1 mm hole into the armrest.


The wire for the armrest and the height adjust arm are soldered to the chair.


The basic construction is ready.


The chair on its place inside the wheelhouse.

The chair is painted and finished.


Ready for work.

While looking to the interior jou could see that there was place for another chair but this time I wanted one that could be moved verticaly. To make this possible I used a spring driven contactpen, the building up is the same as the first chair

A video of both chairs.