Kajuit stairs.

During the refurbishment the stairs on the side of the wheelhouse had to be rebuilded, the old version was made with thick brass rods and plates. The new version needed to be with thin wires and plates. The stairs will be covered with a special plate.

oude situatie

The old version from 1993.

One thing that I also wanted were opening doors and a ladder to the roof so there were two different railings necessary.

The first to do was glueing a 1 mm polystyrol at the backside of the door which will be the guide through the U-shape guiderail. This brass guiderail is soldered to the top plate of the stairs.


The sliding door with the start of the stairs. In the new situation the windows next to the doorway are closed.

open deur

The open door.


For the stairs I made four parts that, when soldered, together form the stairs.


Here are the parts for the stairs and the door guide rail.


Everything is soldered together, a difficult operation to get that done in one task.


The top of the stairs has it's special plaat.


The hole stairs covered with the plate.


the difference between the old and the new version.



The railing of the leftside stairs with the rail to the ladder.



klaar klaar

The complet staircase with door guidance and the door.

reling voetstuk

The complete staircase with railing.

voetstuk reling

The foort of the railing is made with a 2 mm tube and a plate brass, soldered togehter and made round on the lathe.

rechts rechts

The making of the stairs on the rightside of the wheelhouse.