Manufacturing the lights

On the internet there are enough pictures of workships and how the mast is with all its lights. The most of those lights are with two bulbs insight and this is something I wanted on the Arca but instead of bulbs I wanted to use LED's.

I took some time but I think the following solution can work:


After manufacturing the middle part on the lathe I drilled a hole in it on the mill, this will be used for mounting but also for two wires to go to the mast. The hole is 2,5 mm.

lamp 2

After drilling I made a threngesin the part where the glass is mounted, this will be used for one of the legs of the LED.

lamp 3

The glass gets the same threnge.

lamp 4

Here you see the 3 mm LED in the glass wich already has a lit.

lamp 5

One part of the light is now ready, the LED leg is coming out of the glass and makes contact with the brass middle ring, this is necessary for the making the ground.

lamp 6

And this is how it's mounted to the mast, the bottom part needs to be mounted.


The rest of the light bulbs.

The difficult part will be the two wires, they need to go through the small tube. If that isn't possible then one will be guided on the outside of the tube.