Mast 2.

SAfter a search on the internet for exanples of a mast on workships I had a reasonable idea how I wanted to make it. Naturly the lights need to work according to the legal rules and it should be moving up and down.

The first thing to do was making the old mast moveable. I made a basic construction out of DIY profiles and inside this the rod and the motor are mounted. To let the mast be moveable I used a slideblock that moves through the rod and arms, wich are attached to the mast and the slideblock, move the mast wich is mounted on a hinge.

exploded view

Exploded view of the basic construction parts.

exploded view

The motor and its mountingplate.


The slideblock and the arms, mouted to each other with help of 2 rollers.


The rollers move inside the U profile and give more stability.


The complete construction is mounted on four mountingsupports.


The motor is mounted on its support, this will hold it on its place inside the construction.


The motor is mounted.


The motorhousing is mounted.


The hinge is mounted, later there will be a new version.


The mast is on its place.


The mastblock needs to pleced on the right spot.


The block on the right spot.

The video of the moveable mast.