For all my models I make a transportbox to prevent any transport damage and to make storage easier. An other advantage is that on a exhibition you can put your model a little bit higher so we can display more models.


The model in the transport box.


Everything is covered and the dust will be outside, just the name of the model on the box.

The transportbox is made from 5,5 mm plywood for the bottom and top and 3,5 mm for the sidewalls. In each corner there is a 10 x 10 mm slat to hold nails and glue. Underneath the bottom there are also two of these slat for extra stabilty and for clearance with the ground when it's wet. Everything is painted to protect it.

It's a day's work to make a transportbox but my experience learned me that this work can save a lot of time and money because transport damage is allways a source of irritation.