Stantug 1606

During a meeting I saw a little small modell of a stan tug 1606 wich was easy to transport and to build in a not too long time. The idea was building two models: one for me and one for my girlfriend.



The bodyplan I got through a friend so the build could begin. After a difficult time on the build of the Arca, everything went wrong....., so at the start of the spring 2015 I started the build. This means that all the dirty work, sanding, laminating and painting, could happen outside my hobby shed and keep the dust out of it.

This will be the first time that I will build a hull for a mould and laminate the hull myself. Through several sites, books and with help of fellow modelbuilders I tried to find as much as possible about building moulds and laminating hulls. What I want to make is a hull with the bullwark already on it, this means that I need to make a mould in several parts to get everything out once the hull is ready.