Laminating the hull.


After finishing the mould and putting it in the wax for 8 times and polish each time I finally could start with laminating the first hull.
The first thing to do is cutting the glassfiber to the right size and place all the needed materials and tools in reach.

The first layer is a 104 gr/m2 glass fibre mat and then there are two 194 gr/m2 and finally a 104 gr/m2 again both woven. The lighter layers is finer of structures and in hindsight this gives a beter finish.

The next step is to put the PVA layer on the mould, this is a extra layer that helps realsing the hull out of the mould. This layer needs to dry for minimum of 20 mins.

The weight of the allready cut glass fibre mats is measured and the same amount of resin is mixed, also some extra resin is mixed with cottonflakes to fill the corners and the deeper parts of the mould.

I didn't make pictures of the making of the hull because the time is limited to two hours to make a hull before the resin starts to cure. Also are the hands not clean so take care to wear latex gloves.

For the hulls I will make I don't use a gelcoat layer as first layer but start directly with the resin, because the mould is very smooth it should come out just fine.



The first hull is ready, clearly visible are the cotton flakes at the site.


the bow section.


and now let it cure for the next 24 hours.

Tools you want to reuse can be cleaned with acetone.