Inter Modell Bau 2004.

As I told earlier on we had a stand on the biggest exhibition in Europe, the Inter Modell Bau in Dortmund Germany, with the IG Spezialschiffe. A five day exhibition, only modelbuilding, a lot of stores and a lot of models of all kind. I bought several items, like small things as greasepump, oilpump, beercrate. From LED's to servo's and servocables. This will be fitted on or into the model.

Building the stand started on tuesday, it took a couple of hours to complete it. We even had a real radar on our stand. The members came from three countries, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Our stand.

Despite that my model is rather big it was nothing compared to the model that was behind mine, The Princesse Ragnhild : 3,78 meters long and a weight of 240 kilo. Its a model of a ferry which sails between Kiel and Oslo. The model is under rebuild on this moment, there will be new cabins and lightning.

This gigant is transported on the roof of a stationcar, lifting it up there takes for adult guys. The top of the cabins can be removed for transport.

Below some pictures of my model on this exhibition, this is one show where you as modelbuilder have to go to.

My model on the stand and some detailpictures.

During this exhibition the functions worked, the strip lights where on, the tow winch turned and the welders where welding.

I also build the RC anchorwinch up with a anchor, and during those five days it was several times demonstrated.

Some other images of our stand.