St. Peter 2004.

In 2004 there where also several trips to exhibitions and sail events despite the lack of building progress.
At first there was the InterModellbau in Dortmund, an exhibition that you have to visit, during the year there where several sailing events like Bochum ( Germany ) and in Biddinghuizen ( Netherlands ) at the 'werkschependag' but also on our own pound at the club of whom I'm a member.

On of the best events is the annual trip to St.Peter in the Black Forest, this is holiday pure for a shipmodelbuilder. Just 4 days of shipmodels as holiday destination, just take a look at there site to see more: MSK St.Peter

a round over the pond as your own cargo for the tug

Talking about the selfbuild transmitter ( Picture: Werner Niederhäuser )

Leaving the harbour ( picture: Werner Niederhäuser)

Click here for the pictures of Werner.