Some people send a e-mail to me with there reactions about this site and the model. On this page you can read them.

Ivan van der Merwe 20-06-2003 Zuid Afrika

I love your model. Thanks for putting the progress up on the net.

This is a great inspiration to all model boat builders out there.
Baie Groete uit Suid Afrika
Steef 12-05-2003 Netherland
Compliments on the paintjob. Nice workMag ik je even complimenteren met je spuitwerk. Mooi strak.

Vrgr Steef de Modelbouwscheepswerf


Louis Dutron 11-05-2003 Belgium
Dear André
Last saterday evening and sundaymorning I watched your site with interest. The examples and wormethodes are a valuable source of information which I  gonna use when I start building the minesweeper M933 of the Belgium marine.
It gave me a good feeling and made me realise that the effort of going on and persist even if things go wrong.
Once again me sincere congratulations for your great work and fantastic site.
With kind regards,


Gideon Nederpelt 26-04-2003 Vlissingen, Netherlands
Hallo OM
I visited your site and I most say it looks great.
I waant to build the Smit Siberie myself but then with a epoxy hull which you can buy. The rest will bebuild from the drawings, so I will visit your site on a regular basis to take a look at the pictures.
I will be building Smit Siberie in the 1:50 scale.

go own with  this great site

grzz gideon
Jan Lingen 14-03-2003



Ivisited your page nd I saw that you made the searchlights yourself. And I have a question about the mirror you use. From what material do you build them??

mvgr J Lingen

I watch on your site the details on the controlpanel, and aspecially the instrments. It is a complete controlpanel ( read a lot of work ).

But maybe I got a tip for you: I myself build a crane ship in which the controlpanel will be fitted with controls and instruments. These instruments will have controllights made out of glasfibers. 


Jan Lingen


Jasiu van Haarlem 10-03-2003 Netherland

Lovely site, viewed it yesterday evening. It's  lot of work to build the Smit Siberie. Unfortunatly this vessel isn't in the port of Rotterdam anymore, this will be difficult if you want some details now.

About the links, I brought them to a new linkspage: (which will sta under my control). Most links are adjusted, renewed etc.

Greetings and good luck with the model,

Jasiu van Haarlem
Steef 08-03-2003 Netherland
I just discovered your site and after a smal half hour I'm impressed. I would like to put a link on my site to yours.
Vrgr Steef      
Coen van Baalen 06-03-2003 Netherland
Cool man that Siberie on1:20 scale. I'm building him in 1:50 with a polyester hull and wooden wheelhouse. Like you I work from the drawings. Luckely a friend of mine lives in the Hoek van Holland area, so I allways got a great excuus to visit the Smit Japan which is stationed there. But it isn't easy, specialy the details. Is it wise to make them on my scale ? Or should I leave them out?? This queston I ask regular now while I'm working on thw wheelhouse. On a exhibition or on shore everybody wants to see the details but on the water you can't see them anymore.
Anyway good luck building the model and I will visit your site on regular basis
Coen van Baalen.
Bjorn 27-02-2003 Netherland
Beautiful work, I'm impressed. If you keep this level you may call yourself a master modelbuilder


Christiaan Hof 04-02-2003 Netherland
Through the modelbouwforum I came on your site
And I must say it looks great.
That's why I put a link on my site to yours: 
With kind regards,
Christiaan Hof
Peter-Bert van Herwijnen Reply on my reaction Netherland
Ik vind het bouwverslag erg mooi om te lezen. De The report of building the model is easy to read, the text is clear and not to long, the site loeds quick.
As starting modelbuilder do I have several questions, how to do this, what kind of material do you use, are there any tips to do things easier etc.
I wonder if it wise to integrate these tips in the building report because it would influence  the well organized structure you now have. Maybe it is an option to make a seprate chapter with tips and tricks.

The model is great ! Big and beautiful and the choice for this ship is good, details like the big window in the wheelhouse. Looking at the wheelhouse I wondered how you gonna make them, on the original they extend outside the wall. Any thoughts already ??

with kind regards,
Peter-Bert van Herwijnen
Peter-Bert van Herwijnen 04-09-2002 Netherland
Good afternoon Mister Bouwens,
I viewed your report on building the Smit Siberie with admiration, but will it get a follow up ??
with kind regards and good luck,
Peter-Bert van Herwijnen
J. Pothoven 02-10-2002 Netherland
On your site I saw pictures of the Smit Sibrie. I'm searching for a good drawing of this vessel or one of its sisterhips. When I saw a picture of the drawing I sended you this mail. I want to know where did you get them from and is it possible that I can order them aswell?
Hoping for an answer,
J. Pothoven
P.S. I want to use them for a LEGO version, scale 1;45