The workshop.

To make a model you need a own workshop. Mine is about two meter at two and half meter, and I would like to have a bigger shop but I just don't have the space for it. As you can see on the image every space in the shop is used.

As you can see it's a mess, but once a week I try to clean it. Futher there aren't a lot of machines, just the pillar drill machine, grinding machine, soldering station and a proxxon hand drill.

The one thing that is importent is good light, so I builded two strip lights brackets with three lights each in this shop.

Workshop rebuild

In the summer of 2005 I increased the workshop to get more space to work. I like working on more then one model but I also needed more space to place the new machines. So I added the space that was next to the workshop and so double the workshop to 4 by 2 meters.

What is changed? I added a 1,5 meter workbench on wich a hull can take its place, it's adjustable in height. This is done by placing a motorbike lift underneath the workbench wich is controlled by a electro motor. With this it's easier to work on a hull, the bench can move 33 cm and that gives you more acces to the inside of the hull.

On the right you see the fixed workbench and on the left the movable.

The second what is added: a workbench with a cabinet underneath it for electrical tools and on top of the workbench there is a brandnew lathe: the HBM type 180 V.
It's a great investment but it will give a lot of joy in the future, there will be the necessary tooling added in the future.

The HBM 180 V lathe.

The third machine is a proxxon mill. This mill is perfectly for fine modelbuilding work and I will use it for wood, perspex and aluminium. On it's table is a small vice that I made myself in the past and also a proxxon rotation table.